The Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your Vehicle

Keep Your Ride Looking Its Best With A Ceramic Coating

As your vehicle ages, it’s natural that its paint will begin to look dull and dingy. Things like sun exposure, rain, dirt, grime, and tree sap can all take a serious toll on your paint job’s luster. Although this is a common part of vehicle ownership, it also makes your vehicle significantly less valuable. If you ever plan to place your car on the resale market, the condition of its paint will be one of the primary factors in determining its value. And even if you don’t ever plan to sell your vehicle, you may not want to keep an eyesore in your driveway. Ceramic coating is a long-lasting, durable solution that keeps your vehicle protected from the elements and keeps your car looking sharp for years to come.

Taking care of your vehicle’s paint is a smart idea for any motorist, and ceramic coating is the industry standard. Not only does adding a ceramic coating make your vehicle look its best, but it also creates a shield around your vehicle to protect it from whatever the road might have in store. Dents, dings, and scuffs are a thing of the past. Although paint protection of any kind is a good investment in your vehicle’s performance, there’s no question that ceramic is your best option. Read on to learn more about the benefits of ceramic coating.

The Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Ceramic Coated

Protects Your Paint Against UV Rays

Here in Florida, we know what kind of harm the sun’s rays can cause. It’s not just your skin that’s at risk, though – over time, UV exposure can do a serious amount of damage to your vehicle’s paint. Excessive exposure to harmful UV rays can cause your paint to fade, and it may even lead to chipping. Ceramic coating adds an additional layer of protection that prevents UV rays from damaging your paint.

Creates a Hydrophobic Finish

Rainwater has a lot more in it than just H2O, and some of the chemicals and compounds that rainwater contains may harm your vehicle. By creating a hardened exterior layer that bonds to your vehicle’s clear coat, ceramic coating gives your vehicle a hydrophobic finish. Whether you’ve been through a rainstorm or are simply washing your vehicle, this hydrophobic layer helps water bead and roll off the paint’s surface, preventing water spots and damage.

Protects Against Dirt, Dust, Sap, and More

In that same vein, the properties in ceramic coating that help water bead and roll off of your vehicle’s surface will also protect it against environmental pollutants. Dirt, sap, bird droppings, pollen, and more can all seep into your clear coat and eat away at the paint. When these pollutants can’t adhere to your vehicle, it’s protected from the damage they can cause. Better yet, it makes your vehicle a lot easier to clean!

Preserves Your Paint Finish

Whether you’ve got a brand-new car that you want to protect, or you’d like to add a little extra pizazz to a faded older vehicle, ceramic coating can help. The coating fills in all the microscopic imperfections in your clear coat that makes it look dull. When the coating hardens, it becomes a smooth, strong protective shell that not only helps restore your vehicle’s gloss and shine, but also enhances its depth of color so it’ll look new for years!

Provides Lasting Protection

Ceramic coating is the highest-end paint protection for a reason. When the coating adheres to the clear coat and fills in imperfections, it creates a protective shell that other PPF can’t quite match. Other waxes and sealants may need to be continually reapplied, but ceramic coating only needs proper care and maintenance to protect your vehicle for the long run.

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When you’ve decided to invest in ceramic coating for your vehicle, the team you choose matters. In Delray Beach, Turbo Tint’s tinting, ceramic coating, and PPF experts know what it takes to properly apply ceramic coating effectively and efficiently. We’ll keep your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the lot for years to come.

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