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Protection from the hot Florida sun is essential here in Delray Beach. We offer four different window tint packages to keep you cool and comfortable in your ride. With installation in less than an hour, you can be back to enjoying the road before you know it.

▪ Protect yourself and your vehicle's interior from 99% of harmful UV ray exposure.
▪ Improve the look of your vehicle and show off your style.
▪ Reduce solar and infrared radiation (IR) heat so your car or truck stays cool and comfortable all day.
▪ Reduce glare from oncoming vehicles, and sun for less eyesight strain and safer travels.
▪ Protect your privacy and the security of your items stored in the vehicle.


Your car is one of your biggest investments; why not protect it? At Turbo Tint, we apply a strong, glossy shield that protects your vehicle 24/7. With innovative technology and professional-grade products, we can ensure that the protective layer will not stain or discolor over time. We also use a high-tech computer system that allows us to cut your film pattern to your vehicle’s exact specifications. Our Delray Beach team provides a wide range of paint protection packages to ensure that there is an option that meets the needs of every vehicle owner.

▪ Protect against rocks, pebbles, salt, sand, and road debris damage.
▪ Prevent paint chipping.
▪ Enjoy your ride's appearance now and protect its future resale value.
▪ Custom services available.


At Turbo Tint, we do more than just automotive tinting services. We also offer tinting services for the windows and doors in your home or business. Business owners and homeowners in the Delray Beach and Boca Raton area are choosing Turbo Tint to keep their properties safer and more comfortable.

▪ Lower cooling and heating costs and reduce energy consumption.
▪ Improve the efficiency of older windows without costly replacement.
▪ Protect most fabrics, furnishings, and artwork from damage and fading by blocking 99% of UV rays.
▪ Reduce storm or accident damage by helping to hold glass in place.

▪ Provide safety, privacy, and security for you and your possessions.
▪ Replicate the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost.
▪ Cleaned quickly and easily using ordinary glass cleaners.